Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pie and Beer Day!

In Utah, the 24th of July is a holiday known as Pioneer Day. Although I'm not crystal clear on all the details, I gather that a group of pioneers on their way to California said, "Good enough" and went ahead and set up shop in Utah. Well, to those settlers, I would like to say: thanks! If you ask me, Utah is pretty dope ;)

Jaylinne got wind that for Pioneer Day you get to do fireworks, and she was pretty excited! She kept running up and down the sidewalk yelling, "I love this holiday!" I'm almost positive it was because she was very appreciative of the founding of Utah, and had nothing to do with the fireworks ;)  This shot was just outside our back patio, what a sunset right?!

I get a little nervous around fireworks, so Ryan was the one volunteered to be in charge of this venture.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jaylinne's 6th Birthday

This year, for Jaylinne's birthday, we decided to take her and some of her friends to a place called Hang Time. Basically, it's a huge place covered in trampolines and foam pits. We figured the kids could have a blast AND wear themselves out...WIN! ;)

Jaylinne and Brooke mid-air, Dylan and Ashlyn on the sides

The very handsome, Dylan

Dylan, Jaylinne and Brighton hatching a plan....

Dylan, Jaylinne and Brighton carrying out said plan. Ashlyn jumping on board somewhere along the way

Lauren, Jaylinne and Brighton

Brooke, Brighton and Ashlyn in the foam pits.

This was Dalys' face when I told her I was going to, "get her!"

This is Dalys' face when she is telling me, "You have failed, lady!" Momma saved the day :)

The kids playing basketball, and Jaylinne mid-shot!
Grandma is the funniest lady ever!

It's all fun and games until she steals our toys....

"Seriously Grandma, you are about to piss somebody off..."

Our plan worked! The kids are exhausted! Except for Dayne....he's the blur at the right. He's still going strong :)

Left to right: Brielle, Hadley, Ashlyn, Brooke, Lauren, Preslee, Kylie, Jaylinne, Dylan, and Brighton

Cherice, next to Jaylinne, made it in this one!
 All in all, I would say it turned out to be a pretty nice little birthday party!

Summer Fun!

Since my dad and my sister's husband, also named Ryan, had the week off from work, we decided to have a family swimming day! My Ryan couldn't make it because of conference calls he had at work, but everyone else was there. It was a blast! Everyone had a good time, got along, and we only had one little hiccup. Hopefully, in time, if I play my cards right little Dayne will forgot he disowned me for spraying him with sunscreen. Here's to hoping! :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Kindergarten Graduate

To say the last year flew by is a huge understatement. I feel like it went by so quickly my head is spinning! I thought it was a hard day in Momma Land when Jaylinne ran off to her first day of kindergarten. Little did I know that the last day of kindergarten would feel like someone set Momma Land on fire! Ok, ok. There's a chance I'm being dramatic ;) 

I am so thankful that I got to volunteer in her classroom twice a week. It was such a fun experience getting to see her interact with the kids in her class, and even getting to interact with them myself! One thing's for sure, I will sure miss those turkeys! And wouldn't you just know it, my camera battery died, so I had to use my phone :(

These are a couple of Jaylinne's best buddies, Brighton and Brooke, with her on graduation day. Brooke was in her class and Brighton is her younger brother. Photo credit Daniel Evans.