Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chris and Bre's Halloween Party

Since Halloween is on  Thursday this year, our friends decided to throw a party the Saturday before. It was an adult party, however it was kid-friendly so we decided to bring Jaylinne along with us.

Ryan and I were dressed like people from the 50s, and Jaylinne was a witch!

Our friends Mk and Mark were dressed up as the queen of hearts and the mad hatter.

Mike and Kandi Prickett were car crash victims on prom night :) Look at that make-up! They did it themselves.

Chris and Bre (who threw the party) were a creepy baby and an avenger character.

Alli and Hutch were a fairy and Al Borland from Home Improvement. "I don't think so, Tim." :) 

And Angie and Mike dressed up like day of the dead skeletons.

Such a fun night! Jaylinne had a little boy there she made friends with named Anthony. He was dressed up as a knight, so Jaylinne kept calling him "Mike the Knight," after the character on the Disney channel :) He even taught her how to do a flip on the trampoline! It was a good night!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wild and Crazy Gals!

Jaylinne and her Grandma are a couple of nuts! They have so much fun when they get together :)


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Jaylinne's first grade class took a trip to Pumkinland this year for Halloween, and I got to go to help! We were able to walk there with the kids because it is so close! Mrs. Heaps was even able to gather everyone up out front for a picture! This woman knows her stuff ;)

   The kids were split into groups of four, and each parent volunteer was in charge of a group of about 4 or 5 little ones. In my group I had Zair, Jaylinne, Kaitlyn, and Persaeus. By this time, Jaylinne was already tired of the photo shenanigans, and I caught her mid-eyeroll!

We started off by walking through all the pumkins, and heading to do some more pictures!

Once we got all the pictures we needed,  a.k.a. the kids running away, we were on our way to the corn maze. Last year, I had some trouble with the it- but this year was MY year. I figured my best bet would be to stick with a group who looked like they knew where they were going!  Sure enough, we made it through in no time! Turns out corn mazes are kinda fun without the anxiety and panicking ;) I was even able to stop and admire the cute decorations they had up! How perfect is that sign?!

After the corn maze came....yep, you guessed it! MORE PICTURES! By the time they hit 6th grade, I'm sure more than a few of these kids will run when they see me. Either that or strike a of the two ;) 

As we made our way to the playground and animal area, I even ran into a familiar face! Hey there Old Friend, I see you haven't changed a bit :) Still, he's not amused...

My group spent a little time on the playground...

 ...but they enjoyed feeding the animals the most. They had some grains and corn there for the kids to feed them. The first animal we came to was a baby calf, Sir Wellington. Jaylinne couldn't pet him fast enough!

As much as I'd like to take credit for the creativity and wit behind this fine young fellow's name, I cannot. I'm not kidding when I say his name is Sir Wellington...Well done, Pumpkinland, well done. (No pun intended)

They had some chickens and some corn to feed them as well. The kids LOVED it! Especially Zair, he kept running over to me and telling me, "THESE CHICKENS ARE CRAZY HUNGRY!"

Once the chickens had full bellies, we went onto the turkeys and the other birds. As we walked along, every animal we passed, Zair would shout, "Hey I used to have one of those on my grandpa's farm! We killed it and ate it..." Everything we passed! A turkey, a goat, a duck... I was almost in tears by the end of that short walk!

Just when I regained my composure, Zair began to tell me about his dog, Zizi. A dog?! Oh no! I don't know about you, Zizi, but if I were you, I'd sleep with one eye open around that house... ;)

What a fun fieldtrip! I can't get over how cute these little ones really are :)