Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jaylinne's first day of kindergarten!

It seems like just yesterday I was getting teary-eyed about my little one's last day of preschool, and getting anxious for the impending doom that I like to refer to as "kindergarten." Well folks, it's here. Today was Miss Jaylinne's first day of kindergarten at Vineyard Elementary School. Besides my breakdown last night after we put her in bed, things went more smoothly than I had initially anticipated ;)

She woke up and wanted nothing to do with rubbish such as kindergarten. In fact, she was interested in nothing other than cartoons, breakfast, and mom's sunglasses.

It was only after a full belly and a warm bath that she decided she would go ahead and embrace kindergarten. She even humored me with a little mini photo shoot!

I can't believe our little Sassy Pants is in kindergarten!? Where have I been the last five years, and more importantly, how on earth am I feeling like this day snuck up on me?! One things is for sure: no matter how ready she was to begin her the first day of her school career, Momma is having a rough day!

But on the plus side, I am absolutely in love with her outfit. These pictures just don't do it justice! So....I took some close ups :)

We can't wait to go get her and hear all about her day!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A lamp for Jaylinne

I am currently in the process of redecorating Jaylinne's bedroom. I wanted to have a fun, cute lamp on her dresser, however I couldn't find anything that wasn't exactly the same as everyone else's. It seemed like every store I went to had the very same selection as the store I had just left! So I decided to buy a very plain lamp with a shade, and make it different myself!

When I bought her new bedding set, the quilt came in a tote bag that was made out of the same material. I thought it was really cute, but decided it would never get used as a tote!

So I cut the ruffles off the tote, and decided to put them on the lamp for Jaylinne's room! After I cut each of the layers of fabric off, I put a few loose stitches in them and pulled the thread tight to make ruffles.

When I finished the stitching, I used a hot glue gun to fasten the layers to the lampshade, and voila! A unique lamp fit for the girliest of girls :)

Another example of why my parents are the cutest!

A little while ago, I wrote a post about Jaylinne's stuffed animal, Mousie, having "babies." In reality, the babies were little balls of Playdoh. However, in Jaylinne's mind they were actual babies. My parents came across some tiny stuffed mice one day at the store, and thought it might be fun for Jaylinne to find Mousie was a real mom! Turns out, it was fun for everyone :) The babies sleep in one of her shoes in her dollhouse at night <3 Enjoy...